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Southeast Asia customers - mud treatment wear tube
The customer equipment is made of high-strength materials, which can continuously filter a large amount of sludge. It has the characteristics of large processing capacity
Middle East oil exploitation of a customer
In December 2017, we cooperated with our company and currently produce 20T of crude oil per day. The product is used in the project: the killing pipe is 20000m/month, and the high pressure salon is 15000m/month. The hose used before co-cooperation has short service life, oil leakage
Food production workshop
Since the food industry is indispensable, the production is certainly very strict. For example, production, transportation, packaging, transportation, etc. all require a variety of safe and healthy tools. In order to improve the efficiency of production and reduce safety hazards, it is of course safe and effective to transport and produce hoses
Chemical hose application site
Chemical production is a relatively dangerous process, and it is prone to explosions, fires, corrosion and other hazards. Strengthening chemical production safety management is an important task in the chemical production process. In order to improve the level of chemical production, reduce safety hazards
Hose for mud processing equipment in Africa
The customer is a manufacturer of mud processing equipment, and its main customers are the following industries. Mines: iron ore mud dewatering, gold mud dewatering, ceramic polishing sludge, ceramic raw materials, bauxite tail mud, washing plant mud dewatering, quartz sand sludge
High-pressure steel wire wound pipe use case
The company has long established a supply relationship with a leading company in Hunan's heavy industry. The products involve steel wire weaving and wire winding. The company's leaders have visited our factory many times.
High pressure air pipe use case
The high-pressure air pipe is mainly used for high-pressure air transportation, compressors, etc. In 2015, our company established a cooperative relationship with large shipyards with a capacity of 10,000 meters per year.
Shotcrete sandblasting tube case
Shaanxi Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. is a mechanical equipment manufacturing enterprise engaged in the research and development and production of concrete spray anchor support equipment.
Rubber hose is used in heavy work
Super Artey hydraulic hose - hydraulic high level hydraulic hose product series;Designed for coal mining used hydraulic machinery hydraulic machinery as well as military and oil hydraulic machinery design